June Top Commentators

I can’t believe that the first half of the year is over. It felt like we were just busy with buying Christmas gifts.

As we start the second half of 2011, I would like to thank those who continue to support this blog by visiting and commenting on my posts.

Thanks to these wonderful people for sharing their thoughts on my posts :

  • gagay gagay (4)
  • Mona Mona (3)
  • A Woman's Note A Woman’s Note (2)
  • Shengkay Shengkay (2)
  • Techie She Techie She (2)
  • cheerful cheerful (1)
  • chubskulit chubskulit (1)
  • Cielo of Brown Pinay Cielo of Brown Pinay (1)
  • house cleaners house cleaners (1)
  • imriz imriz (1)


Thank you and may we all have a fruitful and productive month ahead.

Top Commentators for May

Thanks to these wonderful people who left comments on my posts last month. Hope you come and visit me again this month.
Top commentator will have her badge on my sidebar for the entire month of June.


cherry everyday







jared’s mum



Top Commentators for March

I would like to thank those who have left their comments on my posts. This blog has only been launched for over a month and I truly appreciate those who have been reading and commenting on my posts. To those who have followed thru GFC Connect, thank you so much.

Here are last month’s top commentators :

Mona (7)
Mama Mia (4)
anne (3)
silvergirl (3)
Willa (2)
aynzan (1)
blogging sahm (1)
Chana (1)
Connie Myres (1)