November Postcards

Here are the lovely postcards that I received this month from Postcrossing. They were sent by members from the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland, Belarus, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Russia and China. I am still going through all the postcards that I have received during the past couple of weeks and see which ones I haven’t featured on my arts/crafts blog yet. This means I have set aside a day or two to work on those long overdue blog posts. And I still have to make a quick trip to the post office to buy some stamps so that I can start sending postcards again. I guess this will be part of my to-do list for next week. 

In My Mailbox : This Month’s Postcards

I’m a happy postcrosser once again because I was finally able to receive some postcards after becoming active at Postcrossing once again. All five postcards were from fellow Postcrossing members. I still haven’t resumed sending postcards through direct swap since I only have a few postcards left. I will be able to visit the local bookstore by this week or the next once we buy the school supplies that the kids need. I will be able to stock up on postcards then.

Anyway, the following postcards are from Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

 Postcrossing postcards

Sending Out Postcards Again

It has been months since the last time that I participated in Postcrossing. I actually miss sending and receiving postcards. Good thing that  when we went to visit my in-laws last weekend, we were able to pass by a bookstore and buy postcards. I was hoping there are new designs but unfortunately there aren’t any so I ended up buying basically the same kinds of postcards that I have sent before. They do have amazing images so I’m okay with them. 

We were able to mail the postcards the other day but since most establishments are closed including the local post office because it’s the Holy Week, it may take longer than usual for them to arrive. I am also excited about the postcards that I will receive in return. I hope there’ll be lots of interesting postcards.