Due for Another Dental Treatment

At the school where our children go to, it is required that students undergo dental checkups at least once a year. Students won’t have their clearance at the end of the school year if they can’t show proof that they have indeed visited the dentist. They can choose to visit a  local Salt Lake City Dentist or the school’s resident dentist.

I remember when our eldest son was still in preschool and he had to visit the dentist, I was anxious about how he would react when he’s actually inside the dentist’s office. Even though we have been teaching him about how to take care of his teeth, he hasn’t seen a dentist before and we were worried that he would be like the other kids who would end up crying. To make sure that it doesn’t happen, we explained to him what a dentist is and what it is that he does. We also made him visit the dental office a few days before his actual dental appointment. We wanted him to be comfortable at the dental office and not feel intimidated with all the dental equipment and tools that he sees. It also helped that the dentist was very friendly and made our child feel more at east about the whole thing. He explained what he would be doing when he cleans his teeth and he even showed the tools that he would be using. He also explained why it’s important to go to the dentist regularly. Since then, we never had any problems with any of our children when it comes to all their dental appointments. Unlike other children who gets anxious about their trip to the dentist, our children are actually looking forward to it since they know that it is an essential part of proper dental care. They have a basic idea of what the health risks are when one neglects to take care of his teeth and has poor dental hygiene.

Our youngest is due for another visit to the dentist this year. He’s actually supposed to have his regular oral prophylaxis procedure last month but we never got around to setting an appointment because we got so busy. I have to remember to call his dentist tomorrow to set an appointment for this weekend.


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Importance of a Good Office Chair

Sitting in an office chair for hours each day may seem like a less strenuous job for other people. Some even think that office work is ideal only to those who are not capable of performing physically demanding jobs. This is a misconception because office workers just like any other person holding a full time job face their own sets of challenges and even health risks.

I remember when a neighbor learned that I work part-time online, she commented that I must have the easiest job in the world because all I have to do is sit and work on my computer. She’s not aware of the demands of the job that make it as challenging as other professions. Aside from working under pressure, meeting the demands of the clients and making sure that deadlines are being met, there all also physical challenges to working long hours each day sitting in front of the computer.

Just like any other regular office worker, having the proper equipment is important. The right equipment will allow office workers to do their tasks more efficiently and finish them on time. This includes having the right office. Sitting for long hours each day can take a toll on one’s spine and back. Having an office chair with ergonomic design or even the more luxurious eames lounge chair can help provide the spin and the back the support that they need. Although we each have our own specific needs, there are some basic things that we need to consider in choosing an office chair. This includes the materials used for the chairs, the seat height and the design and size of the backrest. The backrest should be easily adjustable to the angle that is preferred by its user. It must also be wide enough to provide support to one’s back. An office chair that can easily rotate is also preferred so that one can turn around or reach different areas of his desk without straining too much. This will prevent the usual back pains that are brought about by using the wrong chair. Are you planning on setting up your own home office? Then an ergonomic chair should be on top of your must-have list.


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Understanding the Emotional Aspects of a Heart Surgery

Fear and anxiety oftentimes overcome a patient as the date for his heart surgery approaches. These are actually normal concerns that patients feel especially since a heart surgery is a major medical procedure and there are risks involved. Fear is mostly caused by the fact that you don’t know what your surgery is all about. If you are going to undergo minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery anytime soon, there are certain things that you can do to address the fear and apprehension that you may be feeling.

Learn about what the surgery is about. The more you understand about heart disease and heart surgery, the less fearful you will be. Talk to your heart surgeon before your surgery and tell him whatever concerns you may have. Your doctor can tell you what you should expect before, during and after the surgery. Information about different types of heart surgery is also available online. Just make sure that you only get your information from trusted sources so that you are assured that the information that you have acquired are true and accurate. Contradicting and inaccurate information will only instill more fear in you. The use of highly advanced medical equipment and the discovery of new and more reliable techniques have lowered the risks that are normally associated with complicated medical procedures such as a heart surgery. With a highly efficient surgeon and the use of the necessary equipment, you can only expect that your surgery will be successful.

Aside from making sure that the patient’s body recovers at a normal pace, his mental and emotional well-being should also be a priority. Depression is common among patients especially after their surgery. It is also important that you have a support group that you can talk to especially after the surgery. A support group, which may be consist of other patients and their family, health practitioners and psychologists, can help a patient deal with all the different degrees of emotions that he is feeling.

A heart surgery is an important life-saving medical procedure that a patient needs to have a complete understanding of so that he would know the role it would play in overcoming a life threatening ailment.


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Living a Healthy (WAHM) Lifestyle

When some of my old friends and former classmates learn that I work online from home, they would usually say that I’m lucky since all I do is sit in front of the computer all day. Well, that’s not entirely true. Writing quality articles requires more than just sitting in front of the computer – there’s researching, writing, re-writing, editing; just to be able to come up with an article that your client requires.

On days when I have to a lot of tasks to do online, I have to be mindful about when I should take a break. Not doing so would mean that I’ll be having a hard time sleeping because of  back ache. To prevent this from happening, I would just take a few minutes doing some stretching or I would just walk around the house and play with our dog for a few minutes. I am also thinking of investing in a tempurpedic pillow or mattress to help me sleep comfortably even if I have back pains.

Back pain is something that should not be taken lightly. It can be very excruciating if it is not treated properly. It is usually aggravated by stress, lack of sleep, having poor posture and being overweight.

I know that I am far from what people would categorized as a ‘healthy’ person, but I make a conscious effort of making sure that I do things that will help me become healthier. I know that I need to be healthy if I want to be able to continue doing all the things that I do today (and I’m not talking about earning from my online work alone but more importantly, about being able to spend time with my family).


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