Working Online

Hello everyone. I know that I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I should but it’s actually due to something good. The thing is, I am finally working online full time. Yup, I am officially a full time online freelancer. A virtual assistant in fact. It’s actually something that I’ve always wanted so I’m really happy right now that I get to earn and still be able to attend to the needs of my family at home.

I work full time, for eight hours each day, five days a week. It wasn’t an easy process at the start because I actually spent months sending out applications. It’s harder to get hired if you’re a newbie but I persisted and I’m really happy that it paid off.

I have been working online for almost three months now and I’m really because my contract was extended and I also get to have another client where I work for 20 hours per week. It’s a huge blessing for us especially on the financial side of things. We are slowly able to pay off some of the bills that have been overdue for months, and we can pay for our son’s tuition fee for the coming school year.

In a few weeks time, we can set aside some funds for the repair of our home and also for the purchase of some of the things that we need here at home. I might also be able to save some for a gift for our youngest son’s birthday. We have been looking online for what we could give and we’ve found some interesting items such as the synthesizer we saw a few days ago. Anyway, we have yet to decide but for now, we want to save first.

Anyway, that’s a quick update on what’s keeping me busy these days. I hope I can fix my schedule so that I can blog even during weekends.