Plans for the Weekend

It’s the weekend once again and I can’t believe that it’s already the last weekend of February. Before we know it, another school year is over for the kids and of course, it means vacation time for them. So, what are your plans for the weekend? Whatever your plans are, I hope you’ll get to spend as much quality time as you can with your family (and also get as much as rest as you need after that hectic week at work).

Our family is particularly excited because we are going on a trip this week; it’ll be some sort of a reunion for us. Our youngest brother, who has been working overseas for the past two years, is here on a one month vacation and he has decided to treat the whole family to a three-day vacation to the beach. It’ll actually be the first time that we’re going on a trip as a family so we’re really looking forward to it not just because we are going to a world famous tourist destination but mostly because of the opportunity to spend time together as a family. This weekend will be about preparing everything that we will need and making sure that we will not forget anything especially our travel documents. Although our kids will prepare their own stuff, I will be double checking  them to make sure that they will bring only what’s necessary and that they wouldn’t forget any of their personal stuff. Knowing them, I’m sure they will only start packing a day or two before our trip. They are mostly likely to spend their Saturday playing video games (since they are only allowed to use their XBox during weekends) or surfing online (probably chatting with their friends on Facebook, watching the latest movie trailers online or browsing online to look for items that interest them like the excellent epiphone electric acoustic guitar that they saw at an online music store).

Anyway, I hope that however you decide to spend your weekend, I hope you get to spend it with the people that matter most to you.

Expecting Another Eventful Month

Every time a new month starts, we are always excited about the things that would happen especially when we’ll be celebrating a number of important family events. This month, there are a couple of special events that we’re looking forward to. Our eldest will be graduating from high school in two weeks time and he’s actually scheduled to take college entrance tests starting next week. Hubby’s birthday is also this month and we’re also celebrating our wedding anniversary two days after his birthday.  No definite plans yet on how we’ll be celebrating but we’re most likely to have a simple celebration here at home. Our youngest will studying for his final exams next week so we’ll be busy with that as well. With so many things going on, I’m sure that this is going to be another busy but exciting month for us.

Christmas Preparations and Family Affairs

It’s only a couple of days before Christmas and I’m sure that most of you are busy with all your preparations for the coming holidays. Whether you’re planning for a family trip or you’re hosting a family gathering at home, these next few days will definitely be hectic for everyone. What’s keeping this family busy these days? Well the kids still have school, in fact,  they are preparing for their exams next week. After that, they will have their Christmas party and then their much awaited Christmas vacation. The whole family is also looking forward to attending  Simbang Gabi (a nine-day novena mass in preparation for Christmas). We have been doing that as a family for years now and we are hoping that we can complete the nine-day novena again this year.

Aside from that, we are also busy looking into colleges/universities that our eldest son can enroll in next year. Honestly though, I’m still trying to wrap my brain on the fact that our son will be in college soon. These past few days were spent reading brochures and visiting websites of colleges that my son is interested in. I am also trying to fix his schedule so that he can begin taking entrance examinations from these colleges.

It’s the weekend once again, and Sunday will be the second Sunday of Advent, I hope that aside from all the preparations, we can all find the time to reflect on how to prepare ourselves for the Birth of Christ.

No Long Weekends For Us

The last two weeks of August were two long weekends for everyone because of the National Holidays that fell on a Monday. But that wasn’t the case with this family. Because of the massive flooding that happened last month which resulted to the suspension of classes (which was for over a week), the kids had to attend makeup classes on Saturdays. That means that they have to wake up at 5am even during Saturdays (that would be 4am for me) to prepare for their classes. Sunday would be our only chance to rest which is why after going to church in the morning, we just choose to stay home. Good thing they only have two more Saturday classes; then they can go back to waking up late on Saturday mornings.

Exam week is scheduled two weeks from now which means we need to set aside time for them to review their lessons. But for now I don’t want them to stress over their exams, I just told them to just concentrate on their daily lessons and make sure that they are able to do their homework and submit their school projects on time. I also make it a point that they go to bed early so that they  can rest properly after a long day at school.

It’s Sunday once again and just like the previous Sundays, I told them to get as much rest as they can so that they will have all the energy they need to face another week at school. I’m just glad that my kids are able to cope up with the demands of their studies.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend with your loved ones !