Simple Celebration

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? I’m sure that most of you are still busy with the parties and reunions that are happening throughout this holiday season. I do hope you get to spend Christmas with your family and those dear to you.
We had a simple Christmas celebration. The whole family, along with my brothers and their family, spent the day at Manila Ocean Park. It was fun and we really had a great time. The last time we were able to spend time together was last year so we were really looking forward to spending Christmas together.
It may be tiring but we definitely had fun and we hope that we get to spend more time together as often as possible. Our schedule was full that day, we get to go around the premises and see shows including the Sea Lion Show and their Symphony Evening Show. We weren’t able to go and browse through the different stalls that sell souvenir and gift items since there were a lot of people and we didn’t have the time for it. We just passed by most of them and caught a glimpse of some of the items that they were selling. My son wanted to look at some of the music instruments that a store was selling such as a compact keyboards and a mikey way guitar but we weren’t able to do so because there were a lot of people and we feel that we wouldn’t be able to shop properly because of it.
It actually didn’t matter that we arrived home really late because we all had a great time and we were able to spend Christmas with our family.

Schedule Change

Classes here have been suspended since Friday because of the typhoon which is why it is most likely that the school activities that have been scheduled for this week will be postponed. Our youngest is supposed to have his exams today and tomorrow and their whole 9th grade class is supposed to go on an educational field trip this Wednesday. The same goes with our eldest, whose exam week was also scheduled for this week. It’s a good thing that their schools have Facebook pages that post updates and announcements. We just look into it several times during the day so that we’ll know if they have any updates regarding the suspension of classes and any other changes in schedule. Hopefully, when the weather improves in the next few days, they will be able to finalize their schedule so that we can also make all the necessary preparations.

For now, we are making sure that we have every thing that we will need during this time. Typhoon signal #3 has actually been raised here, which means that we should expect heavy rains within the next couple of hours. We are also expecting that there will be power outage. I just hope that the typhoon would weaken and that we wouldn’t be affected that much.

The kids are keeping themselves busy while school is out. I give them time to use the computer and talk to their friends or just surf online. My son is actually looking for gift ideas online since their school Christmas party is next week. I do hope he finds the gift items that he likes because we still need to find out if they are available at the mall nearby. He said he also wants to look for items that he will buy for himself (using the money that he will receive from his aunts and uncle). I think he may buy a guitar this time because he’s been saying that he wants to learn how to play the guitar. He has been looking at this website that sells different musical instruments and other accessories such as music stands and headphones. He said he wants to have an idea of how much they cost so that he knows how much he would need just in case he actually buys one.

Anyway, I hope that this typhoon wouldn’t be as devastating as what has been expected and that it would weaken as the day progresses. Stay safe and vigilant.

Impressive First Term

It’s already the second week of October and like most students nowadays, our children are already looking forward to their sem break. But first, they have to prepare for their finals  next week. They have been doing well so far and have been getting good grades.

Our eldest is adjusting well in his new school and has been included in the shortlist of students on the dean’s list. If he is able to maintain his good grades and do well in his finals, he will be eligible for a scholarship next semester. We are glad that he continues to excel at school particularly in his major subjects (he has actually been named programmer of the week for four consecutive weeks, if I’m not mistaken). Our youngest is also doing well, he is the top 3 student in his class.  His teacher said that she is impressed by how well our son is able to balance his studies and his extra curricular activities. She also acknowledged his leadership abilities. As parents, we’re very thankful that our children remain focused on their studies. We can only continue to guide them and pray for them so that they continue to excel in whatever they do.

This early though, we are already thinking of what to give them for Christmas. We want to give them something special. We want something that they could really appreciate and something that they could use. We are considering a number of things – like a guitar or a compact digital camera. We still have time to look around for appropriate gifts and of course, enough time to save for them …haha. I have actually been looking at different shopping websites to see the latest gift items (I am also looking at Christmas decors at this site). Hopefully, we can find what we want just in time for the holidays.

Getting Ready for the Start of Another School Year

It’s the last weekend before another school year officially starts for the kids and although they are excited about seeing their classmates again, they also said they will try to make the most of their weekend (this means they will playing with their gadgets and xbox). Our youngest will start 9th grade on Wednesday while our eldest (who’s in college already) will have their orientation on Tuesday (regular classes for them will start on the 16th of June though). They also get to use the computer for an hour each day; which they usually spend on facebook or browsing on sites that interest them such as those on basketball, soccer and even sites like where they get to see dog treats that Ginny (our pet dog) may like. Anyway, we are also making sure that they go to bed early so that they can get used to getting up early again since they have to wake up at 5:30 a.m. when school starts again next week. I just hope that everything goes well next week, that there wouldn’t be any major adjustments for them.