Preparations for the Next Term

After a busy finals week and a brief one week break from school, our eldest has started school again this week for their second term. Their one week break was actually spent mostly online, trying to see whether their final grades have been released. We wanted to apply for a scholarship this term and we wanted to make sure that his grades are able to meet the threshold that the scholarship committee has set. Good thing, his grades are more than enough to make him eligible for the scholarship. He has already been through two interviews and he’s currently waiting for his final interview. We’re still waiting for the schedule of his final interview for now. he’s excited about starting second term this week and although he won’t be having the same schedule as some of his previous classmates, he still looks forward to his new classes and to making new friends. Our youngest, meanwhile is still doing well in school. The results of his last exams were actually better than the past month. Both are making sure that they are prepared for the next term.

Speaking of preparations, my brother is having our family home renovated. It has been our home since we were little and it desperately needs to be be renovated. Since he is abroad working, our eldest brother is the one who is overseeing the renovations. They wanted to make sure that everything goes well during the whole process so that they wouldn’t be wasting their resources on things that they don’t need for the house. It’s a good thing my brother is able to find a reputable Reid Supply hardware store nearby that could provide them all the construction materials they need at the most affordable price. I can’t wait to see the house when it’s finished. It’s been awhile since we visited them and it’s a great opportunity to see the house as well.

Extra Classes

It has been raining non-stop for over two days now and because of this, classes have also been suspended since Monday. We are fortunate that our area has been spared from any severe flooding, unlike most of the other areas here that have been submerged in flood waters since yesterday. The suspension has initially made the kids excited about not having to go to school but after awhile, they have become restless and bored. I told them to make use of their time wisely and since they are supposed to have their examinations this week, they can take advantage of the opportunity to review their lessons. This has been their schedule since yesterday – they will have at least an hour of review before lunch time, then rest/recreation after lunch (watch TV or use their mobile phones to chat with their friends), they can take a nap in the afternoon and then squeeze in another time of studying before dinner. They can resume their studying after dinner and then bedtime by 10p.m.

Aside from their regular classes, the kids have also taken advantage of the extra lessons that their school offers. Our eldest is taking a computer programming class that is being given by their school’s IT organization. He said that this will help him a lot since this will allow him to understand their programming course better. The lessons are given for free, every Wednesday afternoon. Our youngest is taking a Math course every Saturday afternoon. Although there is a fee of 200pesos, we allowed him to take the course since he will benefit a lot from it. The kids were the ones who told us about taking the extra classes and since it will not have any conflict with their regular classes and that, more importantly, they will benefit greatly from them, we agreed to it. We are glad that they have remained enthusiastic about their studies and in learning new skills. They have actually talked about taking classes next summer. Our youngest is thinking of taking piano lessons. We have a keyboard here at home and he would usually look for a tutorial online and would learn how to play a particular song just by following it. We still have to buy a keyboard stand though since the original one has been damaged a few years ago. We might have to look for a new one from an online store so that we will have an idea of how much one costs. It’s a good thing that there are reputable online shopping sites that offer not just musical instruments but also accessories such as guitar picks, yamaha snare carrier at wwbw, keyboard stand and speakers. We may have to wait until next summer before buying one since it’s not really a priority right now.

Setting Up a Regular Study Schedule

It’s been over two weeks since the kids started school again and that means that we have also been keeping a regular schedule when it comes to doing their assignments. After their classes in the morning, we would have lunch and then we allow them some time to rest. They would then have an hour or two for homework; then after that, they can take a nap since they are usually sleepy by that time since they have been up since 5a.m. They have another hour or two before bedtime for some studying (quizzes and recitations are conducted almost everyday so they want to prepare for that as well). We try to keep a regular schedule even here at home because we know that studying regularly can help them with how well they are able to remember their lessons (retention is important). I try to help them as much as I can especially when I see that they are having difficulties with certain topics. These past few days, its all about college algebra for us. First it was fractions and now are studying scientific notation. At first, we were having difficulties with how to simplify scientific notation with negative exponents. We had to look up some online references as well as some tutorial videos just to make sure that we understand it completely. I am happy to note that my son does not get frustrated easily. I told him that his eagerness to learn as well as his patience will really work to his advantage not just in solving complicated math problems but in college in general. Our youngest is also busy memorizing some terms that they’re studying in science. He said they will be having a quiz about it this Friday. So far, this schedule that we have set up is working well and I hope we’ll be able to sustain this and make each study time as productive as possible until the end of this school year.



My eldest son came home from school today completely drenched. It rained so hard unexpectedly and even if he had his umbrella with him he would still come home soaking wet. I remember asking him this morning if he is bringing his umbrella but he said that he doesn’t need it because it’s not going to rain anyway. I told him that the weather’s been really unpredictable these days that you’ll never know when it’s going to rain. And it’s not like he’s going to walk around carrying his umbrella because he can conveniently put it inside his bag. Still, he left it here at home ( yup, I have one stubborn teenager here).


Anyway, we made him take a shower immediately then after that he ate his snacks.

I just hope he has learned his lesson and would bring his umbrella to school everyday from now on.