My Family–101

Since this is a parenting/family blog, let me tell you about my family. We are a family of four, including our two children, both boys. Our teenage son, C , is in high school. He’s the quiet type; but I have noticed that he has started to socialize with people outside of the small circle of friends that he has. He can memorize lots of information in one sitting — which is useful when he studies for his exams. He loves to eat, has the appetite of a dinosaur and still manages to stay lean. Our youngest, R , is the outgoing type. He is not afraid to interact with people of different ages/status. He likes to dance and if he likes a certain song, he can memorize its lyrics right away. He collects Hot Wheels and Transformers.

Hubby , J , is the artistic one. His latest project includes miniature houses made of popsicle sticks. He’s also athletic, having participated in different sports like football, rowing and badminton. He doesn’t like to watch movies more than once. He collects stamps and coins.

Me ? Well, I like to read. I like the Harry Potter series. I also like books by Stephen King, Arthur Hailey and John Grisham. Hmmmm…what else… I guess I’ll just use the ‘about me’ page when I think of other things to share …lol.

This blog will give our readers a glimpse of our life as a family. We hope that you can share this wonderful journey with us.

Still Updating

First of all, I would like to thank my fellow mommy bloggers for being this blog’s first batch of followers. Thanks to those who followed via WBFC and Pinay Mommy Bloggers ; I have followed you all back. If I missed anybody, please leave me a comment so that I can follow back.

I still have a lot of things to do for this blog. I’m still looking for a new theme, and I still have a lot of widgets to add. Anyway, I hope that in the coming days , I can accomplish everything with regards to this blog’s design/theme.

Thanks again everyone and see you till next post =)

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