End of First Semester

It’s finals week for the kids and they have been busy studying these past few days. Today was supposed to be the last day of their exams but since classes was suspended last Thursday because of the typhoon, they will have another day of exams on Monday. After that, it’ll be their semestral break, which means they have a couple of days off from school.

Our eldest still have to be in school though since he works as a Student Assistant. He’s actually looking forward to it since he’ll be working full time each day which means he’ll be receiving a bigger pay compared to when he has regular classes and he can only work for a few hours each day. Our youngest does not have to be in school but knowing him, he will still be busy with his other activities. He’s still active at Church and they have a couple of seminars and other activities for teens and kids lined up this last quarter of the year. He also mentioned that he has a friend who wants to buy a guitar so most likely, they will also be visiting a musical instrument store next week. Anyway, I hope they will make the most out of their break and they will still manage to stay productive even if they don’t have classes.

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