Top 3 Benefits of Exterior & Interior Home Painting

When people think of renovating their home, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the kitchen or the bathroom. While these two rooms are commonly renovated, they’re also some of the most expensive renovations a person can make. To really change up your home without breaking the bank, paint it.

Painting both the exterior and interior has a lot of benefits you may not have even thought of.

1. Painting improves the value of the home.
When the paint is peeling and chipped, the home looks less valuable. In many cases, it’s the appearance that drives the value. A fresh coat of paint can greatly increase the price you can ask for a home if you’re attempting to sell, even if it isn’t actually worth that much. The curb appeal of a home is a huge part of it’s salability.

2. An external paint job can protect the home.
A proper paint job on the outside of the home acts as a sort of barrier. While the paint may suffer damage from the elements, it will work as a barrier between your home and branches, rocks, and other materials that may damage the siding of your home. It also protects the wood against inclement weather.

3. Paint can improve the air quality in a home.
If the paint used inside a home is low or zero VOC, then it can actually improve the air quality in a home. Eco friendly paints don’t introduce pollutants into the air, and a properly applied paint job inhibits the growth of mildew and mold on the walls. It does this by preventing moisture from reaching the walls. What moisture does reach the point condenses and turns into water droplets which can be easily wiped away.

Painting is by far the most inexpensive home remodel available, but it also carries some of the best benefits of any remodel available. To find out what it would cost to repaint your home, both the interior and exterior, contact us today to get a free quote.


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