Update on Our Ongoing Home Renovation Project

It’s been quite some time since I posted an update on what has happened since our house burned down a couple of months ago. The past few months has been quite busy and we really wanted to move back home before the year ends. Anyway, we were able to receive some insurance funds and it was enough for some projects such as having the house inspected to determine which parts of the house need to be demolished and which areas can still be repaired and renovated. A huge part of the funds we received went to the new roof that was installed and to the new electrical wirings for the whole whole.

There are still a lot of things that need to be renovated and we are saving up for that. We are looking for ways on how we can lower the costs which can be tricky since the prices of materials and home fixtures change a lot. We are also looking online for ideas on how we can maximize our funds and where we can find the materials and fixtures that we need such as bathroom fixtures and cabinet/closet organizers at considerably lower prices. We found some high quality cherry veneer wood online that we’re planning to purchase (we hope we’ll be able to save enough for them).

Anyway, we have decided to move back home a couple of weeks ago because we will be able to save more if we won’t be paying for rent anymore (we were renting a house while we were waiting for our insurance claim to be processed). We can just use the money for our home renovation project. We know that it will be a long process but we know that in time, we will be able to finish everything.