Timber Versus Steel Homes: The Pros and Cons

There will be those who wouldn’t consider building a home unless it is made of steel, and then others who prefer the more old fashioned method of good old timber. However, there are pros and cons for both.


The benefits of building with steel are endless. Steel is normally lighter than concrete or timber and once fabricated, is very quick to put together. It is also resistant to pests, termites and water and means that durability is a key factor. There are not many steel structures that are easily damaged or can collapse (other than the World Trade Centre) and therefore they are great in area which are prone to big storms and cyclones. In fact, insurance companies will reduce insurance premiums if they know that a house is constructed of steel as they realise the chances of damage or destruction are less likely than those that are built out of timber.

However there are a few negatives to construction with steel. Firstly, cost is always a big factor – some steel structures are very costly to build and require collaboration with engineers and designers. Likewise, once steel arrives on site, special tools are often needed and many builders don’t always them. They also require special consideration in cooler areas as steel is a conductor of heat so once heat is produced it is very quickly lost to the structure itself meaning that it is more costly to heat buildings. A lot of steel is also coated in oil which can be often toxic and harmful to those in the fabrication of the steel or the assembly of it on site.



Like steel, there are both pros and cons to building in timber. Timber is obviously more readily available and is more eco-friendly. It can also be pre-treated before construction meaning you are already equipped with pest control methods. It is also much cheaper than steel and is very quickly to erect – in fact some companies will supply timber pre-cut to size and fabricated so that you can have a whole house frame up within a day! It is always wise to go to websites such as http://www.trustedpestmanagement.com.au to get tips on how to best prepare your timber and look after it as obviously timber is more permeable and susceptible to things like pests and moisture.

Similarly, timber, while often looking nicer from a design perspective – it can be less hardy as steel in severe storms and is also more flammable. It is also more susceptible from noise from outside influences or weather and needs more maintenance such as painting and treatments that steel does.


Have you thought about what you would build your home with if you had the choice? There are lots of things to think about and budget implications to consider either way. There are many experts out there in the building and pest control industry who can give you advice on what would suit your needs best taking into consideration the location of your home and the type of house you wish to construct.


Image source : Simon Howden/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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