Tips For Keeping Your Pool Healthy in The Winter Months

Sunrays bathe your skin as you sit poolside, feet dangling in the refreshing, glistening water; summer bliss at its best. Fast forward three months, your sun-kissed skin has faded to pasty white, and the only pool activity you will be participating in is the dreaded end of season, cleaning overhaul. Procrastination is a popular pastime for you, especially when it comes to attempting labour intensive work. Checking pool cleaning off the to-do list is often impeded by the associated mental challenge, more so than the physical task. Make it easy for yourself, and break the overwhelming task down into manageable pieces by following these few tips.

Regular Maintenance

Prevention is the best cure. Half an hour each week may seem like all too much effort, but you will thank your past self when you don’t get stung with a $500 bill. Think of all the other things you could do with that money (poolside cocktails perhaps?), instead of forking out to bring your pool up to humane hygiene standard. All it takes is a quick fortnightly check of the chlorine and pH levels to help keep your pool sanitation under control. Additionally, turn on the pool filter a few times per week, remembering it only needs to run for half the time required in summer months. Maintaining pool lights is a task that can easily escape slip your mind. Keep the lights and wiring free of moisture by switching them on for half an hour each week. Finally, cleaning the skimmer basket and removing other debris is a non-negotiable. Who wants to come back in summer to a hair ball that has had six months to manifest into a living organism?

Get Help

Rally the hired help. Bring in a pool technician (or the local pool boy) to do the dirty work for you, so you can stick to enjoying the perks of lazy poolside life. Ensure nasty algae doesn’t build up in the grout or on the water by firstly, giving the grout a good scrub, and secondly, investing in winter algaecides. Make sure to get accurate advice on which products suit your pool specifications.

Pool Cover

Keep it simple stupid. Remember the annoying K.I.S.S acronym your mother used to shove down your throat? Turns out she was right. The humble pool cover may be one of the most overlooked accessories for keeping your pool in pristine condition. In the warmer months your pool cover will protect your pool from losing water to evaporation, so you don’t waste money topping up the water level (win!). In the cooler months it prevents extra work, by keeping any debris from falling or being blown in after you have completed your end of summer pool overhaul. Keep the water clean and full with a cover to avoid burning a hole in your wallet purchasing extra chemicals. Covers range from basic to more advanced UV stabalised covers and microbubble, such as those found at

Keeping your pool clean in preparation for the summer swimming season is only as painful and expensive as you make it. Implement any of these tips and come summer, your pool will be ready for you to jump right in.


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Current TBR Pile

When I learned about the warehouse sale of a major bookstore retail outlet, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to finally be able to buy some of the reference books and school supplies that our children need. Although they have the option to do their research online, they still want their own physical copies of reference books so that they can take them to school whenever they have to. Reference books can be quite expensive especially the computer books that our eldest needs. It’s a good thing that we were able to go on the last day of the sale. We were able to score some great deals on some computer books (we bought a book on the introduction to programming), and some dictionaries.

They were also selling novels at a discounted rates, I grabbed some,too. Too bad I wasn’t able to buy some of the new releases; they were most probably sold out during the first two days of the sale. I was hoping to buy some marketing books as well but I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for.

Anyway, even though I still have a lot of ebooks to read, I am excited about reading the novels that we bought (and they are a great addition to my TBR pile). I have actually started on the Stephen King book; it is a collection of his latest short stories; I have read three of them so far. Whenever I have some ‘me’ time or I want to take a break from my online work, I usually read or go online and read some interesting articles or browse online shopping websites. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for some special gift items this Valentine’s Day, you may want to look into some designer jewelry such as the Reeds sells Michael Kors jewelry, I’m sure your loved one will surely appreciate it.

And since it’s going to be another long weekend for us, I have these books to keep me company.

5 Tips on How to Keep Warm on Those Cold Nights

For most people, getting through winter is an annual struggle, and many look for ways to make those cold nights all the more bearable. There are a number of ways you can keep your home nice and toasty even on those coldest nights. In sum, most of these strategies involve better insulating your home, as well as adding extra heat sources. To give you an idea on just what can be done to get through winter this year, read on.



Here are 5 tips on creating a warmer home this winter:

1. Insulate your doors.

If you have cracks or gaping holes around the doors in your home, then it’d be wise to close these up, and keep whatever heat that exists inside your home. You can do this by applying foam around the edges of your door frames. Of course, you’ll need to ensure the doors can still function properly. But any effort you put into this will surely make your home that much warmer.

2. Insulate your windows.

Windows that are not double-paned allow heat to escape more easily. If you have these windows in your home, then it helps to place thick curtains in front of them so you can retain as much heat inside your home as possible. Adding this extra barrier between the inside and outside of your home will help your home’s insulation and make for a much more bearable winter.

3. Insulate your roof.

If you have an older house, then it’s possible that much heat is escaping through the roofing in your home. Unfortunately, the insulation (if any) used in times past was not of the highest quality, and by re-insulating your roof with modern insulation, you can greatly improve the heat retention in your home.

4. Install a fire place.

Having an actual fireplace can be very effective in heating your home. However, they can be expensive to install (if you don’t already have one). Luckily, these days there are many fireplace alternatives that are just as effective in keeping your home nice and warm. Check out Barbeques Galore for some ideas on just what is available on the market today. Sure, they still use wood (which you’ll need to purchase throughout the sometimes long winter), but they simply deliver in making your home a pleasant place to be when the sun goes down.

5. Purchase an electric heater.

Apart from installing a fireplace (or a fireplace alternative), one of the most common and effective ways of staying warm this winter is by purchasing an electric heater. They are a cost-effective heating solution that can keep any home warm during even the coldest of winters. Most electric heaters these days are quite energy efficient – saving you from high electricity bills – and there are a number of different designs, sizes and styles to suit anyone’s tastes.

Staying warm this winter period shouldn’t be too difficult if you keep to the above suggestions. A warm home starts with proper insulation and ends with placing additional heating sources around the house. Of course, you’ll still need to face the brutal cold when you leave your home, but at least you’ll have a nice and toasty place to come home to at the end of each cold day.


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