5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Franchise Business

Purchasing a franchise business has many advantages but there are a few elements of franchise ownership that you may not yet have considered.


Owning a franchise can be great when it comes to brand image and reputation. You get to cash in on the national marketing campaigns of the brand you’re involved in and you can draw on a wealth of existing knowledge within the company.

However, you’ll still have to handle your own local marketing so be prepared to spend your time and your resources on building your company’s market presence in your own locale. You may have to employ a sales professional and/or a marketing professional, maybe a PR person; whatever suits the task at hand and will get you the best result.

You’re Running the Show

While the franchisor will be there to give you plenty of support and training, it’s still down to you to captain the ship. You’ll be the boss and you’ll be responsible for all the inner workings of your business. The franchisor will be there to help but everything is ultimately up to you.

You’ll have to ensure you either take on or delegate every responsibility in the business, from marketing to hiring staff to ordering stock, to rostering, to customer service and everything in between. Either you’ll be doing it yourself or you’ll be responsible for managing the people who you’ve delegated it to.

Adhering to Standards

As a franchise owner you’ll be a representative of the brand under which you operate, as will your business and your employees. This means that the franchisor will expect certain things of you and your business, and will require you to adhere to certain standards, procedures and processes. Keep in mind that while you will be your own boss, you’ve also got a responsibility to the franchisor and will have to operate in a way that satisfies these standards.

A Coral Homes franchise business , for example, would have very specific standards to meet when it comes to build quality, and would require all houses to be built to certain specifications. This can be a great advantage though, as you’ve got access to already streamlined systems and practices that will get you a consistent and quality result, plus customers are banking on the fact that they know what to expect and have chosen Coral Homes for this very reason.

Training and Support

Most good franchisors will have a thorough training system in place and offer continuing support for its franchisees. When you’re looking into potential franchises for your business, check the company’s training programs and investigate what support they offer for franchise owners. You want to be sure that the company will help you get started and set you up for success, and that you’ll have lots of collective knowledge and experience to draw upon while your learning and improving your business.


Consider also whether you’ll have exclusive territory in your franchise business. You want to have your own niche where you can build your business and profit from (hopefully) dominating your area. If you’re competing with other franchises from the same brand, offering the same services with the same support etc in your territory then this is much harder to achieve.

These are just a few bases to cover when thinking about purchasing a franchise. Considering these points will help you find the brand that best suits you and will give you what you’re looking for in business of your own.


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On Holiday Break

I was hoping to get some work done online before midday but it seems that my brain is still on holiday break; it refuses to cooperate no matter how hard I try to find the motivation to create a blog post. Anyway, the holidays has been quite busy and tiring although we just stayed home during Christmas day itself. We were able to complete the Simbang Gabi (a nine-day novena mass celebrated in preparation for Christmas). It was held every 9:30p.m.; which means we are usually home by 11:00p.pm. every night. We would usually go to bed past midnight since we would still have snacks after attending mass. It can really be exhausting after awhile especially since we also have to wake up early everyday. I really need to catch up on my sleep if I want to be able to start functioning properly in the next few days.

On another matter, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, looking at the different family photos that my friends posted (especially those that were taken during their Christmas celebrations), when I realized that we didn’t have any photos for this Christmas. Yup, no family photos for this Christmas. I don’t know why we didn’t think about taking a photo of our simple Christmas celebration. I guess we were just too tired, I don’t know. But it’s still not too late, right? We can still take some photos once we go out this weekend. It’s still the holiday season so there’s still a lot of opportunities to take some family photos.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you were able to spend it with the people that you value most. Merry Christmas, everyone!

5 Useful Power Tools on Construction Sites

Portable power tools have become an important part of the construction industry and can be found on any construction site in Australia. Power tools in the hands of construction workers easily perform tasks that have previously taken some very serious manual labour. The down side of using power tools is that they can cause severe injuries to fingers, hands and eyes if they are not used correctly or maintained properly. Defective power tools or power tools that have been modified unprofessionally can be downright dangerous. Broken electrically run power tools can cause shocks and even death through electrocution. For this reason it is important to buy quality tools with a trusted brand like STIHL and also to maintain your power tools properly.

Circular Saws

The circular saw features a toothed metal blade. The circular saw easily cuts wood as well as other materials and can be hand held or mounted on a work bench. The circular saw can also be used to make dados (narrow slots). The circular saw also has blades designed to cut through plastic, metal and masonry. Most circular saws are powered by electricity. Usually the material to be cut is held fast in a vice to avoid slippage.

Drill Machines

Drilling machines come in all shapes and sizes from the small hand held power drill to a bench or even floor mounted model. Drill machines carry out a wide variety to operations: drilling, counter-boring, countersinking, reaming and tapping holes. Drilling machines are used to cut holes through metal, wood and other materials. Drill machine operators are trained in how to set up the work and how to speed and feed.

Compressed Air Gun

It is important to buy a quality compressed air gun otherwise you will find that the triggers or other parts may break quickly. The compressed air gun works like an open pipe that has compressed air blown through it and a poor quality product may become blocked and very dangerous. It is important to use hearing protection when operating a compressed air gun as they can produce noise levels above what is safe.


Out of all the power tools the jack hammer has probably saved the most in hard manual labour. The jackhammer or pneumatic drill as it is also known combines both a chisel and hammer. Hand held jackhammers are usually powered with compressed air while larger jackhammers, like rig mounted hammers, are generally powered by compressed air, but some also run using an electric motor. Jackhammers break up rock, pavement and concrete by the action of an internal hammer.

Nail Guns

The nail gun has made a huge difference to the speed of construction. The nail gun drives nails into wood at a very high speed and without the effort of a hand held hammer. Nail guns are generally powered by compressed air or flammable gases like butane or propane. Nail guns need to be handled with care as injuries are common, usually to fingers hands or feet.


*Image source : Iamnee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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