Bedding Sets for the Kids

We were changing the bedding in our kids’ bedroom when we noticed that their pillows are already old and worn-out. Although we can’t remember exactly when we bought them, we know that they have been using them for (at least) over two years now. I remember seeing a show on TV on housekeeping (about how often linens should be changed or when to buy new pillows, etc.) and they said that if you have been using your pillows for over two years then it’s time to change them. There is also a simple test wherein you fold the pillow in half and apply pressure for a few minutes. If after releasing the pressure and your pillow do not unfold slowly and return to its original shape, then it’s time to buy new ones. We did just that and some of them did not return to their original shape so it means we really have to buy new bedding sets and body pillows for the kids. I may need to put that on our to-buy list so that we won’t forget about it the next time we visit the mall.

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Signups

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Workplace Safety Equipment

Workplace safety should be a priority and every company, in whatever industry they may belong to, must make sure that all the safety measures are in place to reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace. They must provide their employees with all the safety equipment that they need. This includes eye protection gear such as goggles and safety glasses, protective clothing such as disposable coveralls and head and face protective gear such as hard hats. These safety equipment and supplies must pass all quality and safety standards to ensure that they will provide the high level of protection that the employees need. Work hazards may be present and accidents may occur at any time and having these safety measures in place will not put the employees in unnecessary risk or danger. There are existing laws that aim to provide protection to workers and employees. Failure to comply with these laws would mean penalties depending on the severity of the offense.


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Setting Up a Regular Study Schedule

It’s been over two weeks since the kids started school again and that means that we have also been keeping a regular schedule when it comes to doing their assignments. After their classes in the morning, we would have lunch and then we allow them some time to rest. They would then have an hour or two for homework; then after that, they can take a nap since they are usually sleepy by that time since they have been up since 5a.m. They have another hour or two before bedtime for some studying (quizzes and recitations are conducted almost everyday so they want to prepare for that as well). We try to keep a regular schedule even here at home because we know that studying regularly can help them with how well they are able to remember their lessons (retention is important). I try to help them as much as I can especially when I see that they are having difficulties with certain topics. These past few days, its all about college algebra for us. First it was fractions and now are studying scientific notation. At first, we were having difficulties with how to simplify scientific notation with negative exponents. We had to look up some online references as well as some tutorial videos just to make sure that we understand it completely. I am happy to note that my son does not get frustrated easily. I told him that his eagerness to learn as well as his patience will really work to his advantage not just in solving complicated math problems but in college in general. Our youngest is also busy memorizing some terms that they’re studying in science. He said they will be having a quiz about it this Friday. So far, this schedule that we have set up is working well and I hope we’ll be able to sustain this and make each study time as productive as possible until the end of this school year.