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Free Blogger Opp : Apple iPod Nano 16GB Slate

We are giving away one

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July 8 – 29

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Essential Tools for Guitarists

Whether you’re a novice guitar player or a professional who has been playing the guitar for years, it is important that you invest in some must have tools that every guitarist should have. These tools will allow you to make all the necessary repairs on your guitar and make guitar playing easier and more convenient wherever you may be. You cannot always rely on other people every time you are having problems with your guitar.

 Some of these essential tools are a tuner, extra sets of strings and pick holder. Another important tool is the guitar multi-tool. This can very handy especially in times when you need to make an adjustment or repair and you do not have access to a regular screwdriver. There are also other devices or tools that you can invest in such as exceptional emedia guitar method software that can help you in different ways including developing your guitar playing skills and producing high quality sounds. You should take advantage of such tools especially if you want to pursue guitar playing in a professional level.



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In My Mailbox : This Month’s Postcards

I’m a happy postcrosser once again because I was finally able to receive some postcards after becoming active at Postcrossing once again. All five postcards were from fellow Postcrossing members. I still haven’t resumed sending postcards through direct swap since I only have a few postcards left. I will be able to visit the local bookstore by this week or the next once we buy the school supplies that the kids need. I will be able to stock up on postcards then.

Anyway, the following postcards are from Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

 Postcrossing postcards

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