Using the Proper Shaving Products

Whenever we do our weekly grocery shopping, I make sure that I have a list of everything that we need around the house so that I won’t forget anything. Aside from food items, I also make sure that we have enough stock of hygiene essentials such as soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and even the shaving products that my husband uses. I was arranging our bathroom cabinet the other day when I jokingly told my husband that soon we’ll be buying more shaving products than usual because in a few years time, our eldest may also need to have his own set of shaving tools.

My husband has actually tried a number of shaving accessories and products over the years and although he tries new products from time to time, there are still some shaving products that he prefers to use. A sharp quality razor is on the top of his list. He says that although cheap disposable razors provide decent results at first, they easily get blunt. Buying one from time to time can be very costly compared to buying a quality razor that has a sharp blade. Using blunt razor only increases the possibility of getting nicks and cuts because you end up using more pressure that usual just to have that close shave that you want. You also end up stretching your skin too much and this may lead to skin irritation. It may also cause ingrown hair which can become very unsightly. Facial cleanser is important so that the grime and oil that may have accumulated on the face will be removed before shaving. An aftershave and a moisturizer are also important so that your skin will remain smooth after you shave.

It may seem that shaving is a long arduous process but you just have to remember that in order for you to get that clean close shave every time and protect your skin, you really have to make an effort to invest in the right shaving tools and of course, spend as much time as you need when you shave. Choose shaving products that are made from natural ingredients so that your skin will not react negatively to whatever products you may use on your face. If you have highly sensitive skin, you may want to consult your dermatologist so that you’ll know which products are suitable for you. There are a number of skin care and shaving products that are available in most commercial stores. You can choose the ones are suitable for you.


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