Important Shaving Tools

Shaving is a part of my husband’s grooming ritual. He is actually very particular about the products that he uses when he shaves because he wants to avoid the many problems that come with not shaving properly and in using the wrong shaving products. He knows too well what it’s like to deal with nicks and cuts and razor burns. It’s embarrassing to walk around with cuts on your face or with your face showing signs of skin irritation. He said that having nicks and cuts is usually a result of using dull razors and of not knowing the proper shaving technique. He said he was among those who use disposable razors because they are cheaper and are readily available. But he said he was always disappointed with the results because they usually produce an uneven shave and he usually gets cuts because he has to stretch his skin and use more pressure on the razor just to get the clean close shave he wants. These days, though, a quality razor is an essential part of his shaving kit. Although it costs more, it delivers the best results and does not easily get dull. It also offers a firmer grip which allows him to shave properly. He also understands the importance of using the right products such as a facial wash, an aftershave, moisturizer and shaving cream. He uses the facial wash to remove the dirt and grime that may have accumulated on his face. If dirt is not removed, it may penetrate the pores of the skin as one shaves. This may cause skin irritation. Another essential product that he uses is the shaving cream. The shaving cream prepares the skin and lubricates the razor as it glides across the face. It softens the skin and this reduces the friction between the razor blades and the skin. A moisturizer is also important because it hydrates the skin after shaving. It helps keeps the skin on the face smooth and supple. You are most likely to have a perfect shave every time if you keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

And since my husband has sensitive skin, he makes sure that the shaving creams and moisturizers that he uses only contain natural ingredients. He makes sure that they not have harmful chemicals that can harm and irritate his skin.


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