How Not To Prepare For An Important Event

It seems we (my family) would always end up rushing to do things at the last minute especially when there are special occasions. We are going to attend my son’s Recognition Day tomorrow morning and as usual, it’s only now that we remember things we need to accomplish before tomorrow’s event. It’s past 11:00p.m. and my son’s still awake; we keep telling him to sleep already and somehow, he still hasn’t made an effort to sleep. I still need to transfer some photos from our camera’s memory card to our USB flash drive so that we can have more space for tomorrow’s pictures. Hubby is still putting together the mini-4WD toy car that we will give our son as a gift. I have prepared everything that we’ll wear for tomorrow but somehow I know that there will be someone who will change his mind and would prefer to wear something else (something that still needs some ironing). I’m still not ruling out the possibility that someone will be looking for something like a shoe or a belt. My mobile phone is low on battery and still needs to be recharged.

So, I guess tomorrow will be another crazy day for our family. Wish us luck =)

Family Lunch Date with My Brother

The whole family took a ‘day off’ from our usual schedule (blogging, minding the store, watching TV..heheh) to go to the Mall of Asia for a lunch date with my younger brother. He is currently on leave from work and he invited us for lunch. We haven’t seen him since he moved to Boracay last January when he accepted a job that was offered to him. It’s great to know that he’s doing well and that he’s enjoying his new job.


Lunch at MOA

He’ll be going back to the island tomorrow and I hope he’ll have a safe trip. Btw, dear brother, you’re nephew, C, is now attached to his new mobile phone (he brings it with him wherever he goes) and while R is practicing his ‘tricks’ with his Tech Deck. They also can’t wait to wear their new Azkals shirt. Thanks again !

I Was Evicted

Yup, that’s what I think happened when I noticed that my kids are using not so subtle ways to get me away from the computer. I was hoping that after doing my weekend chores here at home, I can have enough time to do my online work, like blogging. It seems that my kids have a different idea.

When my youngest noticed that I was yawning, he ‘suggested’ that maybe I need to take a nap so that I can have the ‘energy’ to blog hop later. My eldest said I haven’t read the Sunday paper; maybe there is something important worth blogging about. He said that maybe, I can read the newspaper first while he ‘visit’ his facebook page. They each have their own ‘strategies’ which for me means, ‘mom, let us use the computer!’. They can be resourceful I’d give them that .

Well since they have worked hard last week for their final exams, I allowed each of them to use the computer for an hour. Besides they also get to play games on their Xbox so I think that would be enough for the day.

Since school’s almost over for them (my youngest still has to go to school for one more week), I may have to change my schedule as to what time I’d be able to do some blogging. We also need to think of ways on how to make their summer vacation fun but productive at the same time.

So, how was your weekend ? I hope you had a great time with your family.

Life as a WAHM — My Newest Blog

It’s here ! My third and newest blog is finally online. I have won a dot com domain early this month but since I was busy with tweaking this blog, it was only this week when I finally had the time to transfer that domain to my hosting site.

Life as a WAHM isĀ  a personal blog that will talk about my everyday experiences as a work-at-home mom. I will also make posts about women’s health, internet and gadgets, entertainment and the various issues that I feel is important to wahms like me.

I have placed Life as a WAHM’s badge at the left sidebar of this blog; click on it and you will be directed to the site. I’d appreciate it if you follow thru GFC ; leave your link and I’d gladly return the favor.

Thanks in advance for the support !