Still Updating

First of all, I would like to thank my fellow mommy bloggers for being this blog’s first batch of followers. Thanks to those who followed via WBFC and Pinay Mommy Bloggers ; I have followed you all back. If I missed anybody, please leave me a comment so that I can follow back.

I still have a lot of things to do for this blog. I’m still looking for a new theme, and I still have a lot of widgets to add. Anyway, I hope that in the coming days , I can accomplish everything with regards to this blog’s design/theme.

Thanks again everyone and see you till next post =)

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7

Welcome to The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan ! It’s week 7 for this meme hosted by Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Bloggers. This is a meme which aims to help bloggers connect with fellow bloggers and readers thru GFC or email subscription.

Family Life by Fe is joining WBFC this week so that I can gain more followers thru GFC. My GFC button is on my right side bar. Just leave a comment on this post so that I can follow you back. Please follow my main blog as well :

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WBFC is open worldwide so don’t miss this chance of meeting other bloggers and making new friends in the process.

Hello everyone !

Welcome to my blog ! This will be my second blog and I’m really excited about it. As you can see, the site is still bare. I still have a lot of work to but I’m fortunate to have generous blogger friends who are sharing their time and knowledge since they know that this will be the first time I’ll be using WP.

I would like to thank Mommy Rubz of The Domain Angel for giving me this domain and to Mommy Ma Belle for the free hosting. Thanks also to Mommy Pehpot for helping a noob like me.

Anyway, this blog will be about our family life and my thoughts on issues that can affect ‘typical’ families like ours.

By the way, I would really appreciate it if you become a friend and follow this blog ( i’ll return the favor of course ).

See you all soon !