5 Secrets to Family Health This Winter

The weather is turning colder, and the days are getting shorter. As the temperatures drop, flu viruses and colds make the rounds each year, which means that getting sick is practically unavoidable. What’s more, most people hit by winter illnesses are contagious before symptoms emerge. However, preparing for illnesses can help prevent them from snowballing into something worse. Accordingly, several actions can help fend off germs to help keep your family as healthy as possible this winter.

Winterizing Your Family

While it’s virtually inevitable that someone in your family will experience an illness this winter regardless of well-intended prevention measures, best practices recommend employing a variety of germ-fighting strategies. Keep reading to discover the top five secrets that can help your family stay healthy and happy this winter.

  1. Avoid immunity blasters. The carbohydrates found in sugar can suppress the immune response for up to five hours. Simple sugars reduce white blood cells, rendering an inability to protect against bacterial and viral infections. For instance, the sugar levels in orange juice surpass those of most other fruit juices. Refined sugars can also produce negative moods.
  2. Revolutionize the lunchbox. Think outside the traditional lunchbox and keep it simple to escape the lunchtime rut. Pack several healthy and small choices that combine to create a whole meal by considering three or four complementary ingredients, such as a handful of crackers, cherry tomatoes, grapes, sliced meats and chunks of cheese.
  3. Enjoy the cold. Nature Deficit Disorder is a result of spending too much time inside. The therapeutic effects of spending time outside include a reduction in anxiety, obesity, and depression. In fact, routine exposure to allergens can help build a healthy immune system.
  4. Institute playdates for everyone. Just as children enjoy playdates, adults also need to spend time with friends. Humans were not meant to hibernate. Set aside time to grab lunch with a co-worker or meet a friend at the gym. Establishing social routines are powerful mood enhancers. Social bonding creates a sense of closeness with others that can boost endorphins and suppress serotonin.
  5. Perform a sleep check. Lack of sleep is a national epidemic, and the consequence can be severe. Sleep deprivation can affect academic achievement and cognitive skills, and it is linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Make sleep a priority by creating an environment that values sleep and is conducive to it by establishing a sleep routine for everyone.

Everyone braces for allergies and sickness when fall arrives because that is when adults and children are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. It’s vital to provide protection for your lungs in the cold winter months as shown in this infographic.

An infographic about respiratory health during fall and winter by the University of Cincinnati's respiratory therapy program.<br />
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Boosting Immunity Naturally

The immune system defends against disease-causing microorganisms. To function properly, it requires harmony and balance. The first line of defense is adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, controlling your blood pressure, and getting adequate sleep. The immune system and your entire body function better when healthy-living strategies bolster and shield them from environmental assaults.

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Creating Brand Awareness

A friend has decided to finally take her love for baking to a new level and make it into an additional source of income for her family. She has been baking for quite some time now and those close to her have been encouraging her to make a business out of her favorite hobby (baking). After months of careful consideration, she has finally decided to sell the different goodies that she bakes.

One of the first things that we encouraged her to do was to create a social media page for her business. That way, she’ll be able to reach a wider market. For now, she is the sole administrator of her social media page and she does all the marketing. But we told her that if she wants her business to expand and really create brand awareness, she can consider hiring a professional online marketing service provider such as Triangle Direct Media. Doing so would allow her to achieve her goals for her business more effectively. It would also allow her to concentrate more on the other important aspect of her business (which is the baking itself).

If you are thinking of putting up an online business, it is best if you have already determine what your goals are for your business and you know which part of your business you need to outsource and which aspect of it you need to focus more on. Brand awareness is important especially for new online businesses that need to create their own mark in the industry. If you don’t know how to go about it, there are professionals service providers that can help you with that.

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End of First Semester

It’s finals week for the kids and they have been busy studying these past few days. Today was supposed to be the last day of their exams but since classes was suspended last Thursday because of the typhoon, they will have another day of exams on Monday. After that, it’ll be their semestral break, which means they have a couple of days off from school.

Our eldest still have to be in school though since he works as a Student Assistant. He’s actually looking forward to it since he’ll be working full time each day which means he’ll be receiving a bigger pay compared to when he has regular classes and he can only work for a few hours each day. Our youngest does not have to be in school but knowing him, he will still be busy with his other activities. He’s still active at Church and they have a couple of seminars and other activities for teens and kids lined up this last quarter of the year. He also mentioned that he has a friend who wants to buy a guitar so most likely, they will also be visiting a musical instrument store next week. Anyway, I hope they will make the most out of their break and they will still manage to stay productive even if they don’t have classes.